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Magnus Roberts – has been doing music for more than two decades now. He started as a bassist for a country band-“The Cactus”, just eleven years of age then. He continued for a while with many bands as a vocalist, drummer, lead guitarist, bassist and a song writer, although not all at the same time. He remained a solo artist for many years. Lately, he has been performing with his self-titled band, “Magnus Roberts”. Genre of music the band plays is Progressive and Alternate Rock. The band plays ONLY originals. The songs are inspirational and aim to keep all in high spirits.  Songs are in Hindi.

The band is playing this album live for schools and colleges since January this year 2013. We have been to remote places like Ghodara (Gujarat) where people have never heard of humans with loud distorted guitars and smashing drums. Surprising elements where that: we have had house wives, with real small babies in their hands, as audience and our music made them tap their feet, and yell the chorus.  That’s so satisfying and encouraging for us. Its just getting better every day. At the end of our every performance, louder audience and cheerful hearts we find. It’s such an amazing experience.

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